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In the 1940’s, the Seattle Public Showers was a thriving arena, filled with community and joy…until October of 1948. Samantha Baker, a local schoolgirl, was found hanged in the bathroom stalls late one night. After that, the showers went abandoned and forgotten, until last week when the Seattle PD received a call for help coming from within the showers. Now, it is your time to find out what happened.

Voted Scariest in Washington.


Upon answering a yell for help, you have stumbled upon the home of a murderer who's modis operandi is the seven deadly sins. Let's hope the killer isn't home. Discover the obscenities in this killer's house in the dark - the electricity has been shut off.

It is pitch black inside. You will be provided one flashlight only to survive the horror.


Line entertainment enters the queue line crowds on Fridays and Saturdays starting October 13th.

Let's get scared, Seattle.


Welcome to Seattle’s most outrageous haunted house event. This Halloween season, it’s time to SCREAM. As seen on Forbes, CBS, ABC, & Fox News. Voted the ‘Scariest Haunted Houses Near Me’ by HauntWorld.


Scream Park Seattle is a part of the Scream Park Events Company, which produces events down the West Coast. The Scream Park Events Company has locations in the Seattle, Sacramento, and San Francisco areas. For more horrifying fun, visit Fear Overload Scream Park in the San Francisco Bay Area, and Ultimate Terror Scream Park in Sacramento.


Discover the legend behind Scream Park Seattle. This year’s Bath House attraction takes place in an old abandoned public showers facility. Opened to the public in 1941, this facility was quickly sought after by the elites and upperclassmen. However, by 1943, the showers grew in popularity for visitations from the nearby asylums, and quickly became taboo. Consequently, local residents abandoned the facility and it became known as ‘the rough part of town’.

Some time later, in 1948, the police received an emergency call coming from within the once great public showers. The scene that they came upon was heinous. A local schoolgirl named Samantha Baker was found hanged in one of the restroom stalls. Whether or not this was a homicide was hotly contested among the community. But detectives could neither find a motive nor a suspect.

Finally, the government permanently shut down the public showers facility. After all, most of the population was afraid to even visit the facility. Now it is your time to find out what happened in this disturbed bath house. This attraction is our signature attraction for 2017.

Scream Park Seattle is HauntWorld approved and voted as the ‘Scariest Haunted Houses Near Me’ in the state of Washington. Named the Best in the West by Forbes. Additionally, Scream Park Events is the largest privately owned haunted house company on the West Coast.